The Beauty of Simplicity and
The Detail that Makes It Stand Out

Minimalistic style with
personality and character


I believe in the power of beauty in our everyday lives, and in business.

At the same time, design needs to be powered by strategic and thoughtful consideration of your audience and your goals. In my design practice, I combine strategy, knowledge and 10 years of experience in creating premium brands with a modern yet elegant aesthetic.
My design style tends to be minimalistic. I love the beauty of simplicity and the well-crafted details that allow the expression of personality within a simple form. But what is most important is to find a visual style that will be truly yours. I believe that every business is unique, and I am dedicated to working closely with my clients to discover their signature style.
I love working with
entrepreneurs, biz owners, independent thinkers, and creative souls; those who dare to dream big and are brave enough to make those dreams happen. Those who want to share their gifts with the world and are ready to step up and do the work; it's time for their voice to be heard. The brave ones who will make our lives a little bit better, a little bit more beautiful.
My Story
I am originally from Poland, but I have lived in London for over seven years now. I first worked here as a full-time designer for boutique, premium branding agencies and then contracting with design studios and established global brands. That gave me a good foundation of understanding branding from multiple perspectives. I started Design Aesthetics in 2018 as my independent practice.
I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree specializing in Visual Communication. I love art, and being in London allows me to get constantly inspired by the most outstanding contemporary artists and shows. I feel fulfilled and grateful that my own design practice allows me to combine my interest in visual arts with strategic and purposeful thinking to create brands that share the value of beautiful living.
my mission
I would love for all of those independent thinkers, makers, doers to be heard and seen in a way they deserve to. And I believe that is where I can help.
Work With Me
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