Beauty Salon in California

Brand Identity
Printed Collateral

Magnifying Your Natural Beauty
Mironova offers beauty services provided with exceptional customer care and a personal approach to help their clients look and feel like their best selves.
Yulia, the founder of the beauty brand Mironova, struck me as a very passionate person who genuinely cares about helping people feel happy and confident in their own skin. She believes that every person is beautiful in their own way and she strives to provide highly personalized service for every customer. We wanted to create a brand image that feels modern yet warm and personal.
Since her beauty philosophy is all about the natural look we wanted to keep the identity minimalistic with a small yet effective treatment to the form of the logo to convey a more personal feel. The ligature detail is what creates a more feminine, bespoke, and caring look. The palette is clean and minimalistic and the entire image is of timeless classic to match the contemporary-luxe Californian style.
Elegant | Luxurious | Classy | Confident | Passionate | Caring
Yulia loves the ocean and it has profound meaning to her. Her dream of founding a beauty studio in a stunning location - just on Manhattan Beach in California - finally came true after a long journey and hard work. We implemented some ocean images across her brand assets to feel truly authentic and personal to her.
Yulia’s style and the way she looks is what often inspires and draws clients to her. For that reason we used her photos on printed collateral so clients can easily remember and recognise her.